Hiring managers: don’t ghost candidates you speak to

I’m actively hiring to fill a role on my team, which means I’m talking to a lot of candidates in informationals and initial interviews. All of this has reminded me of one important thing: do not ghost candidates that you have spoken to.

Let’s say you take 30 minutes or longer out of your day and a candidate’s day to meet with them, learn about them, and discuss your role. Let’s also say that after the chat you decide that the candidate isn’t a good fit. You should at least send them a quick email letting them know you’re moving ahead with other candidates.

I make it a point to followup with everyone I’ve spoken with. I know that’s how I would want to be treated if I were on the job hunt.

Also, the world is small. It’s quite possible you’ll interact with the candidate you’re ghosting down the road. How awkward!

You’re not too busy. Take just one minute to let the candidate know where they stand. They’ll appreciate it.


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