Tips for Dealing With Remote Video Meetings

Note: This is an extension of a LinkedIn post from August 21, 2021.

With many of us working from home these days, the remove video meeting is king. Calendars are filled with back-to-back Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams appointments. And after a day full of them, you may be feeling mentally drained. Here are some things to try to keep you centered and maintain your sanity:

  1. Take a meeting via phone instead of screen. Not every meeting needs faces in boxes and screen sharing.
  2. Schedule your meetings for 25 or 50 minutes. Use the extra time in between to stand up, stretch, and look outside a window for a few moments.
  3. Schedule yourself for lunch. Don’t bring a screen to lunch. Actually eat some lunch.
  4. Schedule yourself for a short walk around your neighborhood or head to a park and take a quick stroll.
  5. Schedule yourself for solo work time. Pick the time of day you are most productive solo.
  6. Stick to your plan. Reschedule meetings that conflict with it.

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